Fugitive Mom Appears on Oprah Show

Whoever said crime doesn’t pay obviously was not a white woman. This trick is a convicted felon, escapes prison, a fugitive for 32 freakin years, lives a cushy suburban life for most of those 32 years, after re-capture gets a get-out -o-f jail- free card (she was misunderstood), gets a book deal, an eventual movie deal and a gig on Oprah (which automatically makes the book a bestseller..gee thanks O) Now that’s the way to go. I think I’ll go rob a bank…

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Don’t Go Quietly

It is amazing how one line in a movie can reset the whole course of your day.

I am a movie fanatic. Well maybe not a fanatic, but I do love good movies.  More so for what it brings to and  out of me than the entertainment value. Somehow I try to find God speaking to me on some level. Some of the movies I have seen though, have not had a hint of God anywhere  – to my shame. But there are many that do reflect His nature.  I will discuss many of them here on this blog.

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Hello world!

Heaven…what a wonderful anticipation.

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